Fall Fashion – get your tweed on!

Meet Doris: Doris, who weaves her own tweeds. This image is from the book, Weave Your Own Tweeds, by Roger Millen. This short pamphlet is clearly illustrated and written in a rather opinionated, chatty style with the simple intent to instruct, “how anyone with suitable equipment and enough knowledge of weaving to put on a warp and weave it off, without the supervision of a teacher, may fearlessly venture into the field of all-woolen suitings”. I am not ordinarily one to read texts on weaving, having absolutely no talent for the fiber arts myself, but the author has a way with words. In making the case for using only warm tones to dye wool he writes, “It would be all right with me if violet had been left out of the spectrum and I never use it or any other shade of purple. This is prejudice, to an extent, as some of the subtler tones, those verging on brown, for example, are quite warm in feeling and very handsome. But I still don’t like them, as they seem to me a negation of the wool virtues – though rather more cynical than vicious. I’d better leave it at that as I am beginning to remind myself of a shopper whom I recently overheard asking a saleswoman for – “A depressed sort of blue, if you know what I mean, a blue within a blue!”. Weave Your Own Tweeds is dedicated, “To … All those craftsmen whose work is always good, who are not content with better, and whose best will forever elude them.”

Special TT848 .M56 1948.
weave your own tweeds

-posted by Ariel Bordeaux


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