In Celebration of the Royal Wedding: Views of Westminster Abbey

If you missed the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, you can still see some spectacular views of where the wedding took place at Westminster Abbey.  Special Collections has a two volume set of books, published in 1812 (nearly 200 years ago), that describe all of the details, interior and exterior of this extraordinary and historic church.  An example of Gothic architecture, it was the site of many significant events throughout the history of Britain, and in more modern times was the place Queen Elizabeth II was crowned and where Princess Diana’s funeral took place.  Explore views of the vaulted ceilings, the rich mosaic floors, the various smaller chapels, the stained glass windows, choir stalls and the many monuments and tombs of kings, queens, and literary giants.  The books include richly colored illustrations by A. Pugin, reproduced in delicate etchings.  The entire church, its history and architectural elements, are fully revealed, with anecdotes and technical highlights.  Much has changed in this historic building since 1812, but much is still the same and to be celebrated today and in the future.

If you’d like to stop by Special Collections to see these books, you may drop in any time we are open.

Combe, William.  The History of the Abbey Church of St. Peter’s Westminster: its antiquities and monuments.  London: Printed for R. Ackermann, 1812.

Special Oversize DA 687 .W5 C6 1812

Posted by L. Whitehill Chong


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