Often arts organizations or galleries send out calls to the book arts community for submissions of work to be included in an exhibition. The 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, OR is a small gallery that features the work of book and paper artists, and this recent call for entries looked quite interesting.

Infinite Possibilities: Math, Science, Book Arts, will be a juried exhibition of book art inspired by the world of math and science—real or imagined. For most analytical types, math and science are often described in artistic terms: the eloquence of an equation, the beauty of a concept. Infinite Possibilities looks at the opposite: how math and science can be used artistically to inspire book artists to think creatively about such topics.

This exhibit is open to book and paper arts related works created as either edition or one-of-a-kind. Artist books, sculptural books, book objects, altered books, zines, broadsides and sculptural pieces are all encouraged exploring subjects ranging from math, science, medicine, space, architecture, engineering, physics, genetics and more. Entry deadline is September 28, 2012

For more information and the official call for entries go to:

Posted by L. Whitehill Chong


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